Supermarine Spitfire

Supermarine Spitfire MK XXVI - N-434MH
The story began in 2004, when in Canada Dave Austin at the tender age of 73 began to realise his dream. He wanted to own a Spitfire and found one in Australia, at Michael (Mike) O' Sullivan. Mike had already acquired the rights of Supermarine Aircraft in 1995.

spitfire-zeichnung The Spit, designed 1933 by Reginald Joseph Mitchell in England, was built to operate at high speed, with heavy armament and partly armored, even in high-altitude flights.

In times of war expenditure and mileage played only a minor role. However, currently the required components for it such as engines with more than 1500 HP, variable-pitch propeller etc. are available only at exorbitant prices and require professional competence in operating and maintenance.

Even if the flight characteristics of a Spit are legendary among pilots, starting and landing of a high performance tail dragger is very fastidious and caused already many accidents.

Therefore the machine had to be adapted to today's requirements for safe and payable operation. The solution was an 80% true to scale reduction of the original size. Thus the fuselage of this Spit is still noticeable longer then e.g. the one of a sports airplane PA28. In order to allow a serial production, one decided on a kit with high manufacturing level. The complex all-metal design made of aircraft grade aluminium results in a very light construction with high firmness, tested up to 9 G.

In conjunction with a fully aerobatics-suited drive, a 250 HP LOM aircraft engine from Czech Republic, which works also in numerous Zlin, the new Spitfire MK XXVI reaches outstanding flight performances.

In the course of the time Dave decided to limit its aeronautical activities on the Zenair 601HDS, likewise developed in the self's building. So it was finally possible to purchase Dave's Spitfire (DA002).

It is still waiting in Canada until all papers are done, in order to then start the trip to Germany in a container. Here it will be the only Spitfire in the sky and in 2009 it will enrich the airshow scene.


LOM M337CE - 250PS - 6 Zylinder

Empty weight 1136 lbs
Gross weight 1782 lbs
Rating +6, -4 g
Fuel Capacity 26 galls Imperial
Fuel use 9 galls/hour at cruise speed
Cruise 160 MPH
Range at cruise 2.25 hrs
Stall - no flaps 65 mph
Stall - flaps down 55 mph
Takeoff distance 750 ft
Landing distance 1750 ft

Although the MK26 is a two-seater, host flights are not possible for several reasons. Thank you for your understanding. Flight-Report Download

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